November 9, 2016

Measure B Soundly Rejected by 64.2% of San Diego County Voters
Countywide grassroots campaign engaged voters to protect General Plan, reject ill-conceived Lilac Hills Ranch development

San Diego County – Opponents of San Diego County’s Measure B/Lilac Hills Ranch initiative are celebrating after a decisive “no” vote on the measure, which appeared on all San Diego County ballots. If Measure B had passed, it would have amended the county General Plan to allow the construction of more than 1,700 homes on land that is zoned for no more than 110 homes and ongoing agricultural uses.

“This victory is a reflection of a phenomenal countywide effort to protect our General Plan and set a new course for thoughtful growth in San Diego County,” said James Gordon, co-chair of the No on B campaign. “Measure B’s proponents had plenty of money, but we had the facts on our side.”

To date, the Yes on B campaign has reported spending more than $5 million on a paid advertising campaign to promote the measure to voters. Despite being outspent at a rate of 20-to-1, the No on B campaign successfully leveraged volunteer time, social media and neighbor-to-neighbor communications to secure a decisive defeat of the measure.

“The outcome of this election should send a clear message to developers eyeing the ballot box to skirt county reviews in San Diego,” added Mark Jackson, No on B co-chair. “Land use decisions must go through the usual channels, especially if a change to the General Plan is involved. That’s the only way we can be sure to protect quality of life in communities throughout the county.”