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League of Women Voters

Cleveland National Forest Foundation

The AFT Guild Local 1931 – American Federation of Teachers

Citizens Coordinate For Century 3

Local 30 – San Diego County Hotel and Food Service Workers’ Union

Sierra Club

San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action

Endangered Habitats League

San Diego 350 Climate Change Action

Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation

League of Women Voters of North County San Diego

Southwest Wetlands Interpretive Association

Climate Action Campaign

Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation

Stay Cool

Escondido Neighbors United

San Diego Audubon Society

Volcan Mountain Foundation

Buena Vista Audubon

Escondido Creek Conservancy

California Native Plant Society

Elfin Forest Harmony Grove Town Council

Preserve Wild Santee

San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy

Friends of the San Dieguito River Valley

California Chaparral Institute

Sunrise Movement – San Diego

Elected Officials & Individuals

We worked too long and hard to finally update the San Diego County’s General Plan only to now have unscrupulous speculators try to undermine the plan’s integrity. Sprawl housing does nothing to remedy the affordability crisis we’re experiencing in our region (and state), and SOS is the only solution being proposed to make a real difference in how we accommodate housing needs in a sustainable way. Density belongs in the cities, not the backcountry.

Marco Gonzalez

Managing Partner of Coast Law Group | Executive Director, Coastal Environmental Rights Foundation

To get a grip on climate change and leave a decent quality of life to our kids and grand kids we need to wisely manage our growth. We face no higher calling. I’m voting yes on SOS to assure elected leaders don’t sell out that future to well heeled developers.

The County General Plan is the result of years of work, millions of dollars spent, and compromise by all stakeholders. It’s a good plan that accommodates the housing development we need. The Plan accommodates more than 60,000 infill units in the unincorporated county. Some developers want more–they ask the county to amend our existing Plan to up zone rural areas to their economic advantage. SOS will make sure that we the voters have the final say over such plan changes.

Dwight Worden

Del Mar Councilmember

Vote YES on SOS!! This ballot initiative will ensure that housing is built where infrastructure already exists, and that San Diego County backcountry is developed and conserved according to our official Community Plans. Take back your power from mega over-developers who are chewing up the countryside with the help of County government. Vote!.

Lael Montgomery

Valley Center Design Review Chair 2003-2015, General Plan Update Subcommittee, 2003-2015

I am a strong supporter of the SOS initiative. We have an adopted county General Plan and we need to protect it. The addition of a public vote is necessary to stop developers from continually doing end-runs around our County General Plan. These plan amendments are undermining the sustainability of our region and it has to stop. The General Plan wisely planned housing growth away from high fire danger areas, whereas several of the proposed projects are fire traps all but ensuring tragedy for current and future residents with inadequate evacuation routes. Further, the County General Plan includes areas for 60-70,000 housing units in areas on or near transportation corridors, in village planning units where it makes sense. Developers should build housing in these locations, not in far-flung, sprawl land use patterns. SOS is a much needed check on speculator developers trying to game the system. It is time to give the public control over our future.

Laura Hunter

Escondido Neighbors United

As a 20 year member of the Board of Supervisors, I was intimately involved in the creation of our award-winning general plan which was designed to save taxpayer money, limit housing in very high fire severity zones and to protect some habitat while encouraging smart planning and land use principles. To see that plan repeatedly being undermined by sprawl developers and speculators who do not have the public’s best interests at heart, is very concerning for the future of our region.  This is why I support SOS. It encourages smarter development decisions without allowing special interests to change the plan that the public and other stakeholders spent over a decade and $18 million developing. Vote Yes on SOS.

Pam Slater-Price

Former San Diego County Board of Supervisor, Councilmember and Mayor

It is important that the County’s already approved smart growth plans be followed to create a community where open space is preserved and urban sprawl is prevented. The SOS initiative will ensure that our rural areas are protected and growth occurs in the right places — near transit and jobs. I am proud to endorse it.

Kristine Alessio

La Mesa City Councilmember

The Safeguard our San Diego Countryside initiative does a good job of preventing sprawl development, preserving our open spaces, and encouraging county leaders to stick to the general plan they spent millions to develop – a plan that was designed to encourage smart growth and housing affordability. If the SOS initiative is passed, the voters will get to decide whether large housing projects in the San Diego backcountry should be approved. Considering the growing risks of fire, the additional traffic, and the burdens on neighboring cities and schools, it’s not unreasonable to let the voters have a say.

Randy Walton

San Marcos City Councilmember

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