Safeguard our San Diego Countryside

Good for Transparency.
Good for Affordable Housing.

The SOS Initiative

Promotes Affordable Homes for Everyone

Stops Backroom Political Deals

Gives a Voice to the People

Prevents Sprawl Development

SOS encourages developers to follow San Diego County’s long-term growth plans instead of convincing politicians to let them skirt the rules to build sprawl housing developments in the wrong places.

Promotes Affordable Homes for Everyone

San Diego County’s General Plan calls for 60,000 new housing units. These would provide homes for all income levels, including apartments and condos, townhouses, and single-family homes. These units are ready for developers to build without asking San Diegans to cast a single vote. And projects that genuinely provide low income housing in accordance with state law are exempt from the initiative. High-cost housing in mega-projects far from roads and other infrastructure would get much-needed voter oversight under SOS.

Stops Backroom Political Deals

San Diego County’s General Plan already allows tens of thousands of new homes to be built in the areas that make the most sense: close to existing homes, schools, and infrastructure. Today, it takes just 3 votes from the Board of Supervisors to amend the General Plan to greatly increase density on land that is far from jobs, schools, and services. Developers contribute to political campaigns and secure sweetheart deals that lead to increased traffic and heightened fire danger throughout the region. This measure would bring transparency and oversight into the process by requiring developers to justify their plans to change the General Plan to the voters.

Gives a Voice to the People

SOS would simply give people the right to vote on whether they want more housing mega-developments in San Diego County’s backcountry, instead of letting the politicians and the special interests who fund their campaigns decide. Large housing developments built in the wrong places threaten our regional economy, mobility, wildlife, farms, and public safety. This measure would prioritize sensible and orderly growth instead of allowing developers to maximize their profits at the public’s expense.

Prevents Sprawl Development

San Diego County’s General Plan concentrates new housing in areas where roads, police and fire, schools, and other public services are already available. These locations are easier to defend from wildfire and have a lower taxpayer burden because they don’t require the construction of new and wider roads, additional schools and fire stations, or expanded water and power infrastructure. Large housing developments that require General Plan Amendments lack these benefits. SOS gives voters a chance to say “no” to sprawl development by rejecting proposed General Plan Amendments.

The Purpose of SOS

The purpose of the SOS Initiative is to provide San Diego County residents a voice in how and where housing is built in the county. The initiative requires voter approval of proposed changes to San Diego County’s General Plan that would significantly increase residential density in semi-rural and rural areas.

What Your Vote Means


A YES Vote would put massive sprawl development to a vote of the people.


A NO Vote maintains business as usual, where politicians cater to developers’ priorities in violation of the General Plan.

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